Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Awareness by Anthony De Mello. It was the inspiration for my blog. We are asleep. We are sleepwalking through life. Is it possible to wake-up? Yes. Do I live in constant awareness (i.e. reality)? No, unfortunately far from it most of the time. My judgments, traditions, language, attachments, societal & cultural conditioning, beliefs, fears and just a general desire to escape prevent me from actually seeing reality. Sound a little too "Matrix-like"; maybe a little too close for comfort? Do you want to live in reality? Only you can answer that question...

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Tourist Day - Insadong

Myself, Alison, Lance, Marie, Dan, Antaek and Tanya (our photographer) enjoying a little lunch at a traditional Korean restaurant in Insadong yesterday.

Starbucks Insadong

Apparently this is the only Starbucks in the world that is written in another language. The phonetic pronunciation would sound something like this "soo-ta-bok-soo"..."ca-pea", which is suppose to be Starbucks Coffee. It is located in Insadong, a tourist spot in Seoul, South Korea. I have been to many different Starbucks locations and I have never seen one written in anything other than English.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Peas 'n an I-Pod

Me and my buddy Marie.

H..o..w you doin?

Tanya and Alison looking HOT!

Alison's Birthday

Alison's birthday party at Bangkok restaurant in Itaewon last night. The gang got a little crazy as the night progressed.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Starbucks Itaewon

Met JongHan for coffee (at Starbucks Itaewon), then we went for a Korean lunch.

The Perfect Latte

The Perfect Latte at the Grand Hyatt in Itaewon. After a very enjoyable and relaxing afternoon at the Hyatt, we made our way down to the gutters of Itaewon street. We did manage to find a nice little lounge for a drink and some more R&R.

HanGang River Bridge, Seoul

Marie, Catherine and I went for a brisk walk along the river this morning. We passed several long bridges on our 90 minute hike.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Chu-sok (Korean Thanksgiving)

Paul, Lance, Marie, Tanya, Alison, Ron and I spent the evening wining and dining at "Our Place" in Itaewon last night. It was a quiet night for everyone. It's Thanksgiving (Chu-sok) in Seoul, South Korea. Today is Monday morning, the third day off of this typical 3-day Korean holiday. No big plans for the day, just some R&R&R (reading, resting and relaxing).