Saturday, February 11, 2006

Outside of Time

I have never believed in reincarnation although I have considered the possibility many times. Maybe it's the excessive studying or the coffee, but today I felt like this life was not the first one. Not at all a feeling of deja vu. More like, stepping outside of time. I don't mean lost time. I mean really being aware and feeling like time was constant rather than moving. It contradicted my belief that life flows. To me, it's always moving. That makes sense. We are born and we die. Beginning and end. First and last. But this feeling was different than that. There was no beginning and no end. Time was irrelevant. A glimpse at eternity. No, it didn't feel like that; not that I'd know what that feels like. It was simple. It was easy. It was chosen. It was like there was a "me" or "I" and then there was something else. Something that was "me" and was also not "me". Then again, I am studying applied math and maybe the logic is frying my brain. So I'd better get back to work and leave philosophy for another day. Until then, I will remain a skeptic.