Tuesday, January 09, 2007

My Celebrity Look-alikes

Click here to enlarge. Want to see which celebrity looks like you? Click here.


Blogger Dannyboy said...

dude! You SCORED on the look alike! Hugh Jackman? You even scored Sean Hayes who's great even if he is a closet case. And you didn't get ONE chick!

I tried 4 pics and they couldn't come up with ONE match. Finally on the last one I got matches. They totally sucked! Either I'd never heard of them or they were completely not close to me. And I got a girl! Anyway check it out on MySpace. I have little text comments coming out of my mouth. Good times!!

8:46 AM  
Anonymous jeremy said...

Happy new year Shawn!!!
How are you?
Wow! What a fun picture!!!
-Jeremy from Seoul

3:35 PM  
Blogger Lance Noe said...

Where is Anderson Cooper on this list?

5:31 AM  

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